The Truth About Nitrogen In Your Soil (Produce Nitrogen Without Synthetic Inputs)

For years, we farmers have been told that “you need to replace the nutrients you take out of the soil”...

And specifically “you need to replace NPK every year”.

The underlying belief here is that the only way we can replace nutrients (and specifically NPK) is with synthetic fertilisers and inputs.

Well, what if this just isn’t true?

What if there was a better way to replenish NPK, without having to resort to the ongoing costs and negative side effects of synthetics every year?

Well, it can be done when you harness the power of soil biology the right way... see the video below as Darren explains how pastures can produce up to 300kg/Ha of Nitrogen over a 3 month period with zero synthetic inputs:



Liquid Microbe Agriculture Mix

Our Liquid Microbe Agriculture Mix is a biological pasture application designed to rapidly restore the essential soil biology in virtually any soil so that it becomes the healthiest, most productive, profitable and self-sustaining it’s ever been while also kick-starting productivity with a combination of potent natural fertilisers.

We offer this mix in 1000L IBCs, treating 100 acres (approx 40 HA) per IBC, with freight across Australia.

With the guidance of world-renowned soil biologist Dr Mary Cole from Agpath ( we’ve developed this biological application to be suitable for livestock, dairy and crop farmers all across Australia. We make specific adjustments to each mix based on soil type, pasture type, location and farming practices in order to deliver the best results for each specific farm we treat.

We create this Agriculture Mix to be the most complete and fastest way to start cultivating the essential biology your soil requires for healthier, more productive and self-sustaining pastures.

By deciding to farm biologically with our Liquid Microbe Agriculture Mix, farmers are able to quickly replace the need for any and all synthetic fertilisers and chemical forms of pest, disease and weed control that continually degrades the quality of their soil.