What Is It?

Our Organic Liquid Kelp is derived from 100% Natural Australian Bull Kelp (Australian Durvillaea Potatorum), containing high concentrations of beneficial trace elements, minerals, alginic acid, amino acids and a wide variety of complex organic compounds.

Application of liquid kelp has been shown to improve soil structure and aeration, which increases plant respiration and nutrient absorption ability, while also improving disease resistance and soil water holding capacity, resulting in increased yields and plant resilience.



Improved soil structure and aeration

Increased soil respiration and nutrient absorption

Increased disease resistance

Productivity boost without negative effects on soil health (as is common with synthetic applications)

Increases plant growth hormones naturally

Increased plant resilience (frost protection, drought resistance)

Root stimulation and deeper growth

Improved productivity and yields

100% Organic Australian Bull Kelp



Certified Organic Liquid Kelp

Containing over 29 beneficial minerals and trace elements.

How To Use


Mix with fresh water at a minimum ratio of 1:4 (kelp:water).

For best results, apply in the early stages of plant growth.

Seed Treatment:

Apply 25 litres of mixed product per tonne of seed (or 2.5L per hectare)

Soil Treatment:

Apply 25-50 litres of mixed product per hectare.

Foliar Treatment:

Apply 15-35 litres of mixed product per hectare (increase for larger plants).


For any application related questions, feel free to give us acall on (08) 8233 0804.


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Results From Property in Kingston, South Australia

Untreated Paddock

Treated Paddock

Results From Wheat Crop In Warracknabeal, Victoria

“I applied Microstart's Soil Fungi Mix in April; finding a single snail in the treated area was difficult by early July.
When we harvested in the following January we couldn't find a single one, while untreated crops were still heavily impacted.”

- Terry W
Warracknabeal, Victoria

Before Treatment

3 Months After Treatment (July)

10 Months After Treatment (February)

Before Treatment (April)

3 Months After Treatment (July)

10 Months After Treatment (February)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the shelf life of the product?

If kept in a cool location out of direct sunlight, Liquid Kelp is useable for up to 6 months. Use within 4 weeks of opening bottle.

For best results however, we recommend applying as soon as possible after receiving the product.


Will this affect worms and other beneficial insects?

This mix will not affect earthworms in any negative way - in fact, it will provide a positive environment for worms to thrive.


When is the best time to apply Liquid Kelp?

Kelp can be applied year-round. For best results, apply in the early stages of plant growth.


About Microstart

Microstart is an Australian-owned and family operated company run by Darren and Ryan Kuchel, based in Mount Gambier, South Australia.

Our goal is to help as many Australian farmers and gardeners to move away from harmful chemicals and artificial applications, so that they can grow the healthiest, most nutritious produce 100% naturally by utilising the exciting science of biological and regenerative horticulture and agriculture.