What Is It?

Our Soil Fungi Mix is a blend of beneficial soil fungi that colonise root systems to increase plant resilience from pests and diseases, fix nitrogen naturally, while also strengthening the soil microbial ecosystem for increased health and productivity.

As well as the beneficial fungi included, the Soil Fungi Mix also contains microbial stimulants in the form of organic liquid kelp and organic liquid fish that help to strengthen and multiply the fungi, while acting as a natural fertiliser for crops and pastures.


Contains beneficial fungi that colonise root systems, promoting plant growth and providing protection and resilience against pests.

100% natural solution (contains no synthetic chemicals).

Contains microbial stimulants that help to strengthen and breed the fungi, while also providing natural fertilisation for your crops.



Microstart Mix of Beneficial Soil Fungi

We produce our mix of proprietary soil fungi strains that colonises root systems to increase plant resilience from pests and diseases, and enabled natural nitrogen fixing. By adding our fungi mix to your soil, you are naturally strengthening your soil microbial ecosystem for increased health and productivity.

Certified Organic Liquid Kelp

Containing over 29 beneficial minerals and trace elements - liquid kelp helps to feed and grow the included soil fungi.

Certified Organic Fish Hydrosylate

Naturally high in phosphorus which is especially useful for feeding the included predatory fungi and beneficial soil microbes.


How To Use


20L concentrate makes up 200L when mixed and treats 3.2 Ha (approx 8 acres).

Mix concentrate with fresh, non-chlorinated water at a ratio of 9:1 (water:fungi mix).

To make 200L of mixed product, mix 20L of Soil Fungi Mix with 180L of water.

200L of mixed product will cover approx 3.2 Ha (8 acres).

Apply mixed solution at a rate of approx 62L per Hectare (25L per acre).

If applying with a boom or jet spray, keep pressure below 40 PSI to avoid harming live organisms.


For best results apply late in the afternoon and/or when conditions are damp and humid. Avoid application during hot and dry conditions.

For any application related questions, feel free to give us acall on (08) 8233 0804.


How To Order

To place an order, scroll up and tap the "Add To Cart" button.

From there you will be taken to our secure online checkout where you will be asked for your shipping details. A real-time shipping rate will be provided once your shipping addess has been submitted.

You can finalise your order using credit card or PayPal.

For any questions or assistance with placing an order, feel free to send us an email at support@microstartfarming.com.au.

Note: During periods of high temperatures (35 degrees plus), we will typically hold orders in order to protect the integrity of the product and ship once temperatures decrease.


Results From Property in Kingston, South Australia

Untreated Paddock

Treated Paddock

Results From Wheat Crop In Warracknabeal, Victoria

“I applied Microstart's Soil Fungi Mix in April; finding a single snail in the treated area was difficult by early July.
When we harvested in the following January we couldn't find a single one, while untreated crops were still heavily impacted.”

- Terry W
Warracknabeal, Victoria

Before Treatment

3 Months After Treatment (July)

10 Months After Treatment (February)

Before Treatment (April)

3 Months After Treatment (July)

10 Months After Treatment (February)

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to see results after applying the Soil Fungi Mix?

The time it takes for the soil fungi to colonise at the plan root level and begin increasing plant resilience varies depending on soil and weather conditions, however you can generally expect to start seeing results within 2-8 weeks of applying. Noticeable results are common are periods of sunshine/heat.

What is the shelf life of the product?

If kept in a cool location out of direct sunlight the mix can last several months unharmed. You can tell if the mix has gone bad by smelling it, if it smells noticeably off or foul - it has probably gone bad.

For best results however, we recommend applying the mix as soon as possible after receving the product while following the guidelines set in the "How To Use" section of this page (these instrutions are also on the product label for reference).

Should I continue to use synthetic inputs with this product?

We don’t generally recommend it as it is directly harmful to the fungi that we are trying establish in the soil.

However, if you feel the need to use some form of synthetic input, our suggestion would be doing so before using this mix so that it’s not directly impacting the new biology being added to the soil (by doing it after our application you will harm the new biology that was placed in the soil).

For the best results we recommend to minimise all forms of artificial inputs on pasture/crops that has been treated with our biological applications.

How long does the product last once applied?

As long as the beneficial fungi remain healthy and alive within the soil, they will continue to support productivity and soil/plant health and resilience indefinitely.

The soil fungi are living organisms, and will establish themsevles into the soil ecosystem, feeding and breeding on their own to remain in balance.

Will this affect worms and other beneficial insects?

This mix will not affect earthworms in any negative way - in fact, it will provide a positive environment for worms to thrive.

When is the best time to apply the mix?

Autumn and spring are ideal seasons for application. For best results apply late in the afternoon and/or when conditions are damp and humid. Avoid application during hot and dry conditions.

About Microstart

Microstart is an Australian-owned and family operated company run by Darren and Ryan Kuchel, based in Mount Gambier, South Australia.

Our goal is to help as many Australian farmers and gardeners to move away from harmful chemicals and artificial applications, so that they can grow the healthiest, most nutritious produce 100% naturally by utilising the exciting science of biological and regenerative horticulture and agriculture.